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Tissue Regenix is a pioneering, international medical technology company, leading the development of a range of regenerative products to make specialized replacement tissue using biological (human & animal) materials. The company offers an expanding roster of products based on their patented dCELL® decellularization technology to provide acellular tissue scaffolds which are not rejected by the patient’s body.

Tissue Regenix was formed in 2006 in the United Kingdom, as a focal point for the commercialization of groundbreaking research in the area of regenerative medicine that began in year 2000 at the University of Leeds. The company continues to commercialize the products of academic research conducted by a network of partners around the world. Click here to visit the Tissue Regenix international website.

In November 2012, a subsidiary company, Tissue Regenix Wound Care Incorporated, was established in the United States. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, the company offers an expanding roster of products based on their patented dCELL® decellularization technology to provide acellular tissue scaffolds.

DermaPure® Featured on National Television Broadcast.

On May 29, the award-winning morning show The Balancing Act airing on Lifetime Television® featured Dr. Marc Robins, specialist in Wound and Hyperbaric Medicine from Salt Lake City, Utah, as he discussed new medical advancements at the forefront of wound healing, giving patients a better chance at full wound recovery. Dr. Robins was interviewed by host Julie Moran along with patient Marty Smithson, a recent frostbite victim whose own experience with DermaPure® helped to spearhead the wound therapy discussion. Dr. Robins specifically highlighted the role of DermaPure® in his frostbite treatment plan and also provided good advice to the millions of patients afflicted with diabetic foot ulcers.

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dCELL® Technology: a unique approach to regenerative medicine.

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dCELL® Technology refers to a process that removes cells and other genetic components from animal and human tissue, allowing it to be used without rejection to replace worn out or diseased body parts. The process, which is proprietary to Tissue Regenix, has potential applications across many clinical areas including wound care, vascular disease, heart valve replacement, and joint repair.

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DermaPure®: a new treatment option for wound care.

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DermaPure® is a new decellularized human dermis product from Tissue Regenix, produced using its proprietary dCELL® Technology. Following initial clinical evaluation, researchers noted that the product exhibits biomechanical properties comparable to the native tissue1, which is crucial as “scaffold characteristics including elasticity, porosity and bio-compatibility have been shown to [support] beneficial cellular activity during healing.”2, 3

In short, DermaPure® is unique in that, rather than providing a sacrificial collagen, the product provides a receptive matrix that becomes integrated into the host tissue.

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Reference: 1. Greaves NS, Bentar B, Baguneid M, Bayat A. Single-stage application of a novel decellularized dermis for treatment-resistant lower limb ulcers: Positive outcomes assessed by SIAscopy, laser perfusion, and 3D imaging, with sequential timed histological analysis. Wound Repair Regen. 2013;21(6): 812-822. 2. Rehfeldt F, Engler AJ, Eckhardt A, Ahmed F, Discher DE. Cell responses to the mechanochemical microenvironment—implications for regenerative medicine and drug delivery. Adv Drug Deliv Rev 2007; 59: 1329–39. 3. Engler AJ, Sen S, Sweeney HL, Discher DE. Matrix elasticity directs stem cell lineage specification. Cell 2006; 126: 677–89.

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